An iPhone and an accident on the way to the Isle of Skye (Rousse)

I blame DP of Strathclyde University for the debacle over my iPhone. Under her watchful eye, I plugged it in to charge for ten minutes in the café of the Forth Road Bridge service station. Then we we set off to find the others at the car park and board the coach to the Isle of Skye.

It was then that I remembered my precious phone, now probably in the hands of an opportunistic criminal.

My generous sister-in-law S volunteered to drive to the service station to look for it, despite her terrible driving skills and poor sense of direction. We watched her leave the car park in her tiny jeep at top speed, come off the road at the first roundabout and land headfirst in a bush. Although unscathed, she wouldn’t be driving any further that day.

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