Mountain adventure delays audience member (Rousse)

There were two routes down the mountain. One was a winding, rocky path. The other was more of a short cut across a steep boulder field. I decided to take my chances with the latter. After just a few paces I was stranded, too frightened to go any further, too weak to climb back up.

I shouted to the others below that I needed help. CM (despite his gammy leg) was the one who came to the rescue. He was so shocked by my predicament, however, that he needed a cigarette to calm himself. Unable to save me on his own, he sent for reinforcements. Meanwhile I clung on to the rocks for my dear life.

Then I noticed a white-painted metal ladder built into the rock-face. This was my route to freedom. I clambered up the rungs to my rescuer. Then the pair of us picked our way back down to sea level via the winding rocky path.

My mountain adventure delayed my arrival at Queen Margaret University to see TMcE perform in his latest play. I hoped that they would let me into the auditorium, even though I was embarrassingly late.

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