A kitchen break-up drama (Rousse)

I knew that it was unfair to drag our new lodger R into my personal crisis, but I was desperate. Was there anything that she could do to persuade TPR not to end our marriage? K was extremely cross with me for putting R into this awkward position: if TPR had decided to leave me, that was up to him.

So as I placed clean mugs from the dishwasher into the kitchen cupboard (wondering which ones would count as mine), K counselled R not to join in the discussion. Meanwhile  TPR ignored me, his eyes firmly fixed on his iPhone.

I chanced a remark at TPR, asking what was so fascinating on his screen.

‘It’s BD’, he replied. ‘His supposedly private Messenger conversation with his mother about his recent break-up is being broadcast publicly. And no, in case you’re wondering, you and I will never be reconciled’.

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