Dangers of regifting unwanted presents (Rousse)

I was on stage facing a line of dignitaries, including Donald Leach and former Moderator of the Church of Scotland Alison Elliot, to be awarded my latest undergraduate degree (classification 2:2).

I took great care when asked to sign for the certificate, deliberately flourishing the beautiful red-barrelled pen that KT had recently given me as a present. I did so in the full knowledge that Elliot had initially offered the pen as a gift to KT herself. Elliot was quick to notice this. When she asked in loud stage whisper about the origins of my pen, I told the truth: ‘It was a present from my friend KT’.

As soon as I was out the hall I rushed off to find KT. I needed to warn her that she might be in trouble with Elliot for ‘regifting’ a present to me. I found KT just along the corridor from the classroom of Upper Five Alpha, undertaking some work for the school bursar (her ‘office husband’).

KT didn’t care about any offence that the former moderator might take. ‘Doesn’t everyone pass on presents from time to time?’ she asked.

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