Confused in Essex with Pierce Brosnan (Belle)

I had a lot of questions. Who had bleached my hair badly? Why was I in Essex? Why was it suddenly Christmas Day? Why were all these young people partying in my grandmother’s house? How come Aunty V looked a young Joan Collins?

I ran out to the hairdressers to have my hair dyed again, and Mikey the sandwich maker welcomed me in. My hair was covered in dye and I was left alone for hours. When I went to find the hairdresser, the entire salon had become a new business and no-one knew who I was.

For consolation I went to the doughnut shop and bought a chocolate doughnut AND a custard doughnut and ate them at the counter. Then I looked up and there he was – Pierce Brosnan.  We walked on the muddy foreshore and I complained about an abandoned plastic toy, but when I picked it up it transformed into a tiny cinema screen. It was magic – just like our love.

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