A risky revealing nightdress (Rousse)

I met Belle outside the British Library. At first we were thrilled to discover that we had both topped our outfits with thin, silver-grey, suit jackets. Our joy turned to disappointment when we realised that just about every other professional woman of our age within 100 yards was dressed in an identical fashion.

We hugged, had a quick chat about which reading room would make the best base for our day, and then made plans to meet there later.

We soon abandoned the idea of work. Instead we wandered down to the shoreline to take a look at the sea. When Belle ran into the waves, I watched her from the pebbly beach.

I didn’t dare join in her fun because I was knickerless. No longer wearing my grey jacket, I was wary of my thin nightie turning transparent in the water and revealing all when I emerged from the sea.

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