Arnold Schwartzenegger’s boring speech (Rousse)

Two of my Polish colleagues had commandeered my office while I was on long-term sick leave. My desk and other belongings were now all squeezed into a dark corner. I hoped that this was a temporary measure and that I would be able to claim back all my space when I returned to work.

I took a wander from my office down to the campus basement so that I could visit the university foundry. I loved watching the melt as it poured into the moulds. Again, I was disappointed. The foundry was empty of workers due to the Easter holiday. The only other person there was a member of office admin staff. She was checking a temperature on an enormous old-fashioned gauge under the instruction of KC.

My colleague told me that it would be worth popping into the gym on our way back to our offices because Arnold Schwartzenegger was scheduled to give a talk there in a few minutes. I found myself a spot on the parquet floor (not far from AMcN, who had slipped out of the library to see the Hollywood hero) and waited for the famous speaker to arrive.

Schwartzenegger’s presentation was very dull so I didn’t stay until the end. Instead I left early with JG, following a route by river boat then up a mountain pass. Here we ran into RA and two of his young children. I surprised RA with a rather enthusiastic kiss (which he may have mistaken for a snog).

The day finished with a party at a members’ club for hill walkers hosted by JG and RA. Amongst the guests was my school friend KM and her sister SM. They spent the whole evening amusing themselves by pretending to be a married couple.

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