1970s bed linen, out of reach kitchen appliances, and a gift of £1000 (Rousse)

TPR and I were staying with KLX at his London flat while the rest of his family spent the summer in Ireland. KLX admitted that he wasn’t the best of housekeepers and asked me to help make up the beds using a random selection of linen from the 1970s.

When this was all done KLX collapsed on top of his own bed and invited me to join him. I declined in favour of looking for TPR. I found him on the sofa, book in hand, next to a small boy who was watching television.

‘I’ll make you a cup of tea’ I said, and walked into the kitchen.

I hunted high and low, but could not find a kettle. It was only when the mother of the small boy returned with his two tiny brothers that I was pointed to a grasping stick and a set of kitchen appliances perched up high on top of a brand new set of off-yellow kitchen units. How ridiculous, I thought, to make something that you use so frequently so inaccessible.

Our other shocking discovery was that RA intended to give KLX’s son £1000 for his 21st birthday.

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