Return of the student bride (Rousse)

From a pretty ordinary hotel room TPR and I were upgraded to a massive suite. The room included a huge Georgian sideboard and a bed that was positioned in the open air on the balcony giving great views of the waves crashing below.

Two vicious black cats were permanent residents of the room. They tried to sink their fangs into my hand one afternoon when I was kneeling on the floor. Fortunately I managed to brush them away. Then I saw that there was an additional to the cat family: a fluffy white kitten sitting in a sunbeam.

Although I thought that I had locked our bedroom door, some other guests (who by this time were good friends) wandered in to ask how we planned to spend the day. We agreed to head to the big beach together.

In the meantime the surf was up and crashing over our balcony. Our bed was dragged into the sea, as were some computer game consoles that I accidentally kicked over. This was the second set that I had lost, but I didn’t think that it would matter because everyone seemed so wealthy here.

Then I saw someone that I hadn’t seen in years: the student bride from my final year at University. She told me that she now worked at Birmingham City University in an educational development role, then showed me some videos of her work. This reminded me that I had some classes to prepare for the start of the new academic year.

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