The end of the affair (Rousse)

I found TPR dressed in high visibility yellow in the line-up for the cycling road race. I was surprised that he was so willing to step down from his bike when I confronted him. He followed me into the nearby building to hear what I had to say.

The building was richly decorated in red and gold and furnished with artefacts from the Far East. Before I had a chance to tell TPR why I had summoned him we came across another couple who were keen to introduce themselves and tell us about their high-powered jobs. It dawned on us that we had stumbled into a private members’ club for the extremely wealthy. We did not belong here.

Eventually TPR and I found a place for a private conversation. I told him that I knew about his affair, even though I had never met his mistress. I begged him to be discreet with her. He agreed to my request.

However, not long afterwards I met the woman in question. I couldn’t believe that I was sharing my husband with such a pathetic specimen. The affair had to end. I spat in the woman’s tea, then cornered TPR with the demand that he never again travel to the US on business without me. I was determined to end this affair and any other possible future indiscretions.

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