Sourcing a stash of hard-to-buy vintage anti-feminist placards (Rousse)

The research seminar was my responsibility and time was running out.

My main concerns were that: (a) I had confused everyone by corresponding with the speaker as Tivol (or Tivo for short) – my Aboriginal name; (b) the event was overbooked and there would not be enough space for all the participants; and (c) WC had forgotten to order the biscuits.

Then there was the question of my props. I had spotted some great vintage anti-feminist backlash material in a new antique shop on Edinburgh’s Broughton Street: homemade American placards from the 1970s that read along the lines of ‘A woman’s place is in the home’, each of which included a note of the US state in which it was created. If only the miserable shop assistant would let me purchase them, and the owner stop trying to drag me around the entire premises to show off all his wares.

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