Sating a stationery obsession (Rousse)

In the summer we would walk over the hills to the beach on the other side. We could even take bikes, so long as we were prepared to carry them part of the way. For the time being while it was still winter, however, we would head in the other direction and visit the industrial relics of the region.

The machinery at the factory was dated 1984, although the technology on which it was based was much older. It produced A5 sized metal letters. If you looked carefully on the ground, you could find ancient examples littered around the site. I set to work looking for the letters of my name.

Inside the factory there were drawers and drawers of stationery. I helped myself to piles of notebooks and post-its. IA questioned my greed for all things paper: was this really necessary? I explained that I was obliged to make the most of this opportunity now that we could no longer harvest stationery supplies on an annual basis at the (now defunct) Online conference.

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