From student accommodation in Sheffield to unwelcome attention in the garden (Rousse)

I left the conference with a PhD student who was also heading north. She offered me a bed for the night in her student house in Sheffield, which I willingly accepted – and then instantly regretted as we walked through the door. It was a long time since I’d encountered over-crowded student accommodation, and I now realised why I had avoided it for so many years.

I asked my companion whether there were any more trains travelling all the way to Edinburgh that evening. There was one at 7pm, which I wouldn’t make, but the 9pm service was a possibility. I caught the latter, very much looking forward to seeing my husband again.

Back in Edinburgh I encountered ED dressed in a black net tutu accessorised with red, fur-lined leg warmers. I enquired about E’s PhD thesis, which was almost complete but not yet submitted. TPR was nowhere to be seen.

I finally tracked down my lord and master at my parents’ house. We hadn’t seen one another for over two weeks so we opted out of the dinner party, leaving SEH in charge of the guests.

I was very cross when the entire party decided that we were required at the dinner table and came looking for us in the garden. The spot that we had taken from the grazing brown cows was surrounded and we had no choice but to give ourselves up, protesting at the invasion of our privacy.

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