Edinburgh marathon star grants interview, ruins parquet flooring, and pets a pig (Rousse)

While BC gave media interviews about her forthcoming Edinburgh marathon appearance, I waited back at the flat with N and TPR.

TPR kept himself busy making batches of soup and serving them to passing friends. KT and her glamorous sister popped in for a bowl, as did my school friend RL.

When BC returned to the flat at 1pm she wheeled her bike through the porch and over the parquet flooring in the hall, leaving long, dirty tyre marks in her wake. TPR leapt up, grabbed the bike, and led BC outside.

‘This is where we keep bikes’ he explained, showing off the shed and his newly carpented raised bike rack.

At this point the pet pig from across the road scampered over to join us. We all gave him a quick cuddle then he wandered home again. (We didn’t say anything about the pet pig’s relation that TPR had butchered whole just a few hours earlier.)

Afterwards we took a walk down to the shore. On the way I had words with N about potty training.

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