A blind hunt for haddock (Rousse)

I wasn’t sure whether I was just tired or terribly ill, but I felt half blind while wandering around campus with BR. We decided to buy something for our supper on our way home. I quite fancied smoked haddock, so we popped into the Co-op to see if there was any for sale.

The Co-op was heaving so we changed our mind about shopping in there and instead peered into the Tesco Mini. This second supermarket didn’t have enough stock, so we then moved onto the larger Tesco Metro.

I got very confused as to where to find the entrance of this third supermarket – so much so that I ended up scaling a precarious ledge only to find that this was not the way in. I carefully retraced my steps, paying particular attention to the old mattress balanced against the wall.

I rejoined BR, then texted TPR to ask why he hadn’t been in contact for a full week.

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