Over the Archers’ paving stones for an aborted walk to the beach (Rousse)

GB had struggled to find a couple of pals who were willing to walk all the way over the far hills to the remote beach so was delighted when she thought that KA and I could accompany her. I was so embarrassed that I would have to turn back at about 11:30 because I had a class to teach at 13:00 that I delayed telling her until the walk was well underway. By this time we had already crossed the paving stones laid by David and Ruth Archer, and accepted free samples of yesterday’s strawberries and cherries in cream from an Italian roadside restaurant. What made things worse was that KA was also so busy that she could only come out for the morning. GB would have to complete the walk on her own.

Back at work the colleague who accused me of a ‘butterfly mind’ seemed to be in a better mood. Perhaps the obvious weight loss had helped?

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