A bathroom for every bedroom in Edinburgh’s Victoria Street accommodation (Rousse)

I visited AC in his Victoria Street flat. None of us had ever been there before, although TPR had once peered into the sitting room and concluded that this was the extent of the apartment. This was on the basis that it housed AC’s bed. I was therefore surprised to discover that AC’s accommodation ran to three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The flat was an odd shape, and the windows didn’t offer much of a view other than of the white-painted walls of the next building in the street. However, it certainly could not be described as small.

The only reason why AC kept his bed in the sitting room was that he sub-let the three bedrooms to foreigners to supplement his income. One – a back-packer from New Zealand – assumed that I would soon be joining them until I explained that I was a long-term resident of Edinburgh.

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