A catering nightmare with Ambrosia Devon custard (Rousse)

The house was packed with guests, all of whom expected a pudding after their main course. What would I serve them? I had nothing planned. Then I remembered that we had a few bananas and some Ambrosia Devon custard in cartons in the fridge. If I chopped up the bananas and poured custard over them, this would provide a pudding of sorts.

The only problem was that the custard had gone off in its packaging. The yellow gunge that emerged from the carton was streaked with green mould. It was revolting.

I abandoned all attempts to feed my guests and sat on the pavement outside. Here I wrote my thank you letters. Kev F Sutherland happened to walk past and encouraged me to come to his new run of shows of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre on the south coast. I was happy to oblige – anything to escape from my catering nightmare.

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