Accommodation for a single husband, cycling safety and wedding dresses (Rousse)

I was running late for my meeting, but the issue of TPR’s accommodation was a higher priority. Thank goodness he had dismissed the suggestion of moving back to the Manor House at the University of Birmingham. However, he still seemed to think that it would be acceptable to sign a contract for single room elsewhere. So where would I stay when I came to visit, I enquired?

Something else that bothered me was the recent spate of cycle accidents around town. So far I’d witnessed three in a single week. Strangely, on two of those occasions AL had been very close by. Was this just a coincidence, or did he bear some of the responsibility for the collisions?

Eventually I set off for my meeting – 38 minutes late. In some respects I didn’t care. Apparently the morning’s team task was to design three wedding gowns. I knew that we wouldn’t win on the basis of our own “talents”. For any chance of a prize, our only hope would be to engage the help of top wedding dress designer MSB.

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