Rousse’s travel trauma

The up escalator confused everyone when it switched direction from up to down. Then someone knelt down, stroked the metal teeth from front to back, and travel upwards resumed once more.

Later on KT and I were trying to get my Peugeot 205 through the narrowest of gaps past a council truck. When we finally realised that this was impossible our only option was to abandon the car in the forest. The next problem, however, was how to apply the handbrake. No matter how hard we tried, the car just kept on rolling down the hill.

Yet another vehicle was in trouble. The bus from campus veered out of control in the snow. As it crashed into a small house in Livingston I said to the person sitting next to me “If I die, they won’t be able to identify my body. Nobody would ever expect to find me in West Lothian”.

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