The first Apple iPad3 hits Britain as an unexpected pregnancy is revealed (Rousse)

I was so impressed with myself as the owner of an iPad3. Nobody else had one: only me. TPR, however, was throughly sick of my obsession with Apple products. As far as he was concerned, the iPad3 looked very much the same as my iPod. The only difference was that the former was simply shaped more like a dinghy, whereas the latter was more rigid, like a Sinclair C5. Nevertheless, he still built a shed in which I could garage them, although its location outside the British Library on Euston Road in London was not very convenient for an inhabitant of Edinburgh. Still, I enjoyed whizzing around town on my choice of Apple transport.

Meanwhile my university friend HW (now HJ) and I were incredulous that SC (now SL) was pregnant again at the advanced age of 47. We were not sure that her husband would be terribly impressed with this news either.

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