A naked man and an almost naked swimmer (Rousse)

BD slipped through the door that connected his flat to ours. It was lovely to see him, but I’d rather that he’d visit clothed. He told me that he had run out of underwear and asked me if I thought that TPR could help out. I took the backstairs up to TPR’s bedroom (we slept apart at this time) and found him sorting out his wardrobe. TPR could easily spare a pair of Saxx for our naked friend.

Later, MSB and DB persuaded us to go for a winter outdoor swim in the River Tyne. TPR followed them straight across the snow to the water while I struggled to undress. A kind woman undid my bra strap for me, then I removed my trousers – only to discover that I had forgotten to put my swimming costume on under my clothes. I resigned myself to missing out on all the ‘fun’ of splashing about with the others in the freezing river.

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