Husband hires hit man to kill off wife (Rousse)

It was the end of our holiday. I had almost finished packing the bike panniers in preparation for our journey home when a man rushed into our room, then grabbed and bundled me into the back of his car. He set off at top speed with no heed of obstacles on the road. It was obvious that his mission was to kill me, and he didn’t care if he also died in the process.

Somehow, I survived the ride so I was able to join TPR for the train journey back to Edinburgh. All seemed back to normal again until we stepped on to the platform at Waverley. TPR headed off on his own without passing me my cycling helmet. He reached the house before I did, and was reluctant to let me in.

I now understood that TPR was behind the attempt on my life, and I needed to make alternative accommodation arrangements to guarantee my safety.  I could stay with my new neighbour AMcN. When she heard of TPR’s treatment of me, she clobbered him.

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