Holy Island pre-death giveaway (Rousse)

Several of my former colleagues flocked to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to attend AT’s pre-death giveaway. The ceremony was rather like the reading of a will, except that AT was still alive and you took away your booty on the spot.

I travelled there in a red foot-powered child’s toy car. Meanwhile JH gave KB,  her husband IB, and their daughter HB, a lift in BT’s old Lomax. I was proud that I could keep up with them on the narrow coastal road.

Along the way I met a woman who was taking a two centre holiday in Scotland and the north of England. She had just arrived at Holy Island after a week in Dumfries and Galloway. I told her all about our fun holiday there a couple of years ago, with fond memories of castles and bird watching. I also issued advice on a career in publishing for the benefit of her son.

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