An afternoon with Killing Eve star Sandra Oh (Rousse)

I met my book group pals in Edinburgh’s Dean Village. MH instructed us to follow the steep overgrown path down to the Water of Leith. I willingly obeyed, unaware that the path was, in fact, a tight tunnel. Half way along, when my claustrophobia kicked in, and with all the others lined up tightly behind me, it was impossible for me to turn back.

I was extremely relieved when the tunnel widened into a bright BBC canteen. MH then revealed her surprise. Each member of the book group was to be paired with a member of the cast of Killing Eve for a private interview.

I couldn’t believe my luck when Sandra Oh was announced as my partner. She was super-friendly (breaking all social distancing rules). I was delighted to spend the rest of the day chatting to her on an orange sofa.

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