A bigamous bride-to-be (Rousse)

I was distraught when my husband TPR declared that he no longer loved me, and that I was to be ‘donated’ to a new fiancé – my ex brother-in-law NMcC.  The pair of them tried to placate me with a choice of two new engagement rings. I chose the three diamonds in the silver and gold twist over the square silver signet ring, but still I was not happy.

My mother, in contrast, was delighted with the news – at first. Then she broke down when she remembered that she could not share her excitement with my father (because he was dead).

When I started thinking about the practicalities of my imminent divorce and remarriage, I was reminded of another issue. I had married TPR bigamously and – to date – got away with it.

By drawing attention to my marital status now, I feared that my previous crime would be brought into the open. Rather than starting a new life with NMcC, I was now facing the prospect of a prison sentence.

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