Daughter driven to drugs by parents’ divorce (Rousse)

Perhaps it was inevitable that G’s daughter turned to drugs now that her parents were in the throes of a bitter divorce.

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A quest for counterfeit coins (Rousse)

The friendly policeman hovered at the door and told me about his quest for counterfeit coins. I pretended that I knew nothing, even though I had stacks of the large silver ones planted outside as garden ornaments.

Then I got back to telling SC that he was a very lazy boy for taking a bus the tiny distance from Canonmills up to York Place.

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Homeless bed down in library lift (Rousse)

I thought that I would help BP out by collecting his finished job from the Print Room and taking it up to the meeting. The problem was that I was unfamiliar with the lift system on campus.

I couldn’t work out which lift went up which floors and accidentally ended up at the far side of campus in a lift that served the main library. Inside it a mother and her two small children were fast asleep under a couple of thin grey rugs. I later learned that they were homeless and that the library lift was the best shelter on winter nights.

I was also surprised to discover that the library was hosting book signings just like those in book shops. I walked past a famous author chatting to his fans as he put his signature to copies of his latest orange-jacketed novel. I had no idea who he was, but he appeared to be very popular.

I reached the meeting half an hour late. EH had instructed everyone to analyse a poem. I worked out that I was the only one there qualified to tackle this task. I was proved right when the work was handed in. I had written a mini essay, whereas my more technical colleagues had barely managed to scribble a couple of lines.

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How to get upgraded (Rousse)

I decided to accompany MP through the airport on the trip home from the Caribbean. My temporary partner of choice was wearing suit trousers and a tie, and it was more likely that he would be upgraded than would scruffy old TPR.

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Drugs for sale on school bus (Rousse)

On the top deck of the bus I showed everyone the drugs that I had acquired (and would sell) to enhance computer game playing performance.

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Tall men and a surprise trip to Paris (Rousse)

I could sense that the person approaching me from behind was tall. Indeed, at almost 7 foot in stature, he was very tall. We struck up a conversation and the man told me that he was Dutch. Just as I was about to say that I had friends who had lived in the Netherlands, one of whom was JM, JM himself approached us.

I ended my chat with the tall stranger the minute that JM announced that he had come to take me on a surprise trip to Paris.

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Toothless tigers roam Glasgow park (Rousse)

JM took my car keys and drove us both over to Glasgow. I asked whether he was insured to do this, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to take me to the park.

The park was really beautiful. I particularly liked the artificial lake. However, I had quite a fright when two enormous white Bengal tigers emerged from the water. Someone said that they were toothless, and that all their claws had been extracted, but they still terrified me.

Then I fell into the water. I called to JM and his friend Malcolm for help, but they were much further along the bank and couldn’t hear me. Somehow I managed to scramble back up the hard concrete side of the lake, then set off in the direction of the boys. I couldn’t find them in the Indian art exhibition, and I couldn’t even phone them to ask where they were because (along with the car keys) I’d given my iPhone to JM.

My next contact with anyone I knew was at my parents’ house where RK came to discuss timetables and assessments with me.

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