How to get through a breakup (Rousse)

It was all over. TPR had found someone else and all that past talk of ‘Love you forever’ was disregarded.

He flinched just a little when I enquired about the arrangements for his brother-in-law Neil’s birthday party (just a couple of weeks away in February), and the recently booked Christmas celebrations.

I asked who was going to tell his mother that she (and the rest of the family for that mater) would never see me again. Only now he started to panic.

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Monk murderer disposes of weapons in sewer (Rousse)

In the dead of night I disposed of the murder weapons down sewers accessed from the gym cellars. I knew that I would be in big trouble if I were caught, but at least I had not killed anyone myself (except for the single monk some time ago, but I reckoned that didn’t count).

I spent the next day with Finns who were wearing hijabs just to see if people treated them any differently when dressed this way. I tried not to worry too much about the forthcoming French exam and my predicted poor performance. S, of course, would come top, and H would also do well now that she was taking lessons again.

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Summer skiing with WAGs (Rousse)

I missed all the best events at the conference because TPR objected to my being away from home.

This meant that I didn’t meet the premier league footballer’s model girlfriend on the summer ski slopes. Instead I was forced to listen to an American academic give feedback on a Masters dissertation for which the student achieved a measly mark of 50%.

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Train travel on the Isle of Lewis (Rousse)

The guest house was now on two sites, one managed by the husband and the other by the wife. As a consequence, TPR and I were split up and slept apart.

Draped in a pale blue cashmere jumper lent to me by the wife, I waved goodbye to TPR as he headed off to his quarters.

This was going to be a lonely holiday. However, I was still looking forward to having a go on the newly built kiddies’ steam train that had brought the railway to the Isle of Lewis.

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Robert Foster (Rousse)

JM changed his name to Robert Foster – for no apparent reason whatsoever.

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From St Albans to south London by ancient orange Volvo estate (Rousse)

How we came to be in St Albans, I had no idea, but it was still great to bump into JB and GB there. They had also booked their anniversary meal at the same restaurant as us. Indeed, it looked like our evening was turning into a school reunion when CH (was CC) also turned up. She had barely changed, other than her hair was now dyed red and she insisted that we pronounce her name as if it were Arabic.

While it was nice to chat to my ex-classmates, I had an appointment with my online friend GG somewhere in south London. The problem, however, was that I did not have her address. In fact, I didn’t even know her real name.

When my mother appeared in an ancient Volvo estate I thought she could give me a lift to GG’s house. I jumped in amongst all the luggage and kit for a two-week fishing holiday in the Scottish highlands, squeezing myself onto the back seat next to various members of my family.

Not long after we set off the car’s engine cut out and we were brought to an abrupt halt in the slow lane of the motorway. ‘At least the rescue service will easily spot us’ I said, referring to the bright orange 1970s paintwork of the car. This really did stand out from all the dreary black, silver, and grey vehicles of 2015.

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Canned Merlin in oil – delicious! (Rousse)

I ate a whole tin of merlins. They were delicious in oil, and much tastier than the pilchards that come in similar packaging.

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